I'm so glad you stopped by! To commission a portrait, painting, or drawing, please submit the form on the contact page. Be sure to include your contact information and details about the artwork you envision. Please consider size, medium, and content (number of subject(s) and head vs. full body.) Please keep in mind, I am creating a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork by hand. I do not manipulate photographs, I spend many hours drawing or painting each piece. Some are straight forward, and can be completed in a week or so, while others are much more complex and will require months. However, each one is uniquely created just for you! When you inquire, I can give you an expected completion date. If you are in a hurry, reach out, I may be able to squeeze you in!

Pricing is based on one subject and pictures emailed from the client. Please choose digital images with good detail. Clear pictures allow me to capture as much detail as possible, allowing me to make a better piece, one you will absolutely love! Make sure the position of the subject is the one that you would like created. I prefer you send multiple images, so I can choose the highest quality one and so I can get an idea of the personality of the subject. If you have a few you aren't sure about, let me know and we can chat about the options. For a fee, I can meet with you and the subject and take reference photos. This fee would be in addition to the prices below. 

Prices below are for standard sizes and one subject only. Different sizes can be accommodated. Each additional subject is an extra $50. If you have any questions or different ideas, please let me know! Can't wait to work with you! In order to get on my calendar, all that is needed from you are clear digital photos and a 50% deposit on the piece. Check, Venmo, or PayPal excepted. I will send updates throughout the process and keep you posted on the time line.

Oil:                                              Pencil:

9"x12": $350                               8"x10": $250
11"x14": $400                             9"x12": $300

12"x16": $500                            11"x14": $350
16"x20": $600                            12"x16": $400

18"x24": $700                            16"x20": $475
                                                      18"x24": $550

To purchase an original directly from my website, please add the image to your shopping cart. The price does not include shipping. Artworks will be shipped unframed, via USPS or UPS standard shipping, complete with a tracking number. Artwork will be securely packaged to prevent damage during shipping. Artwork will also be insured for the full value. I can ship internationally, using DHL, purchaser will cover shipping and customs fees.

If you are not having your drawing professionally framed, I can mat it for you. This will be in addition to the purchase price. Consider how you will frame the piece, and let me know if you would like me to mat the piece as well. A mat is the border around the drawing that gives it space from the edges of the frame. The mat also allows the drawing to be pulled tight, so there is no chance of slipping while in the frame and keeps the drawing from touching the glass. Once you chose a drawing size, I will let you know what size frame to buy to accommodate the drawing and mat.

Care for your pencil drawing:

  • Your pencil drawing is raw pencil. I cover it with parchment to keep it protected until it can be framed. Please do not touch the drawing, as fingers can smudge the pencil.

  • If not having the drawing professionally framed, choose a frame with a mat. This will prevent the drawing from touching the glass and result in a much nicer outcome.
  • If you are framing the drawing yourself with a frame and mat you purchased, turn over the mat, line up the drawing with the mat (the opening should be a smidge smaller than the drawing), and using artist’s tape or masking tape, tape the drawing to the mat all the way around. This will prevent wrinkling or slipping of the drawing. Try to put half or less of the tape on the drawing as opposed to the mat.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you have!